About Us


The founder:

For more than ten years, Jesue Tin – founder of GotyGoty – has been working in both the design and marketing of active sportswear. During this time he came to understand the struggles that people, particularly women, faced when trying to lose weight and increase their self-confidence. This ignited a passion with Jesue to find a solution, an affordable and practical means to counter this struggle and to help women lose weight and stay comfortable in their own skin. The result was the creation of his unique “hot” design line.

Company Name

Our name originates from a piece of South African slang meaning beautiful. We want to promote the fact that every single woman is born with incomparable beauty which our products are designed to enhance and showcase. Also an acronym for Girl Of The Year, GotyGoty was the perfect name to communicate what we do: design gorgeous activewear to help women control their weight, size and shape with an unyielding self-confidence.

Our responsability:

Here at GotyGoty, our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, affordable products which will keep you 100% satisfied, every time.


To achieve our Corporate Social Responsibility goal, a percentage of our quarterly profits will be donated to organizations which promote the health and wellbeing of women and children. Our idea is to invest $1,000 every year in impoverished, struggling small business start-ups in Africa to help them find their feet.

For the aspiring carpenter we’ll buy the tools required to get to work, or bring a sewing machine to someone looking to start a business in tailoring. These are just examples of the positive influence we want GotyGoty to have for those in need of a helping hand.